The Insignia Stone - Culloden

Roddy Oliphant explains this best. Thank you, Roddy.

As a Clan, one of our greatest regrets is that the Oliphant's are so poorly represented in the places and annals which are important in Scottish and Oliphant History. Indeed, the only memorial to our family's valour is the plaque at Stirling Castle and even that gets little mention and most people visiting Stirling Castle miss it unless they are looking for it. Have you ever looked through books or visited places and been disappointed that there was no mention of the Oliphants? I have, many times.

A new opportunity has arisen for us to put the Clan on the map, literally. The National Trust for Scotland is offering clans which participated at Culloden to have memorial stones near the battle site. This is one opportunity which is not likely to occur again, ever.

Given that the Gask Oliphant's played such an important part in the 1745 Rising and that they and other Oliphant's were persecuted afterwards for their loyalties to the Jacobite cause, it seems fitting that we should have a significant memorial at the visitor centre beside the battle field.

We have, therefore, decided that we should get a substantial stone to mark our family's contribution to these historic events. We have chosen the Insignia Stone.
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However, the stone comes at a price of £1,500 GBP or $3,000 USD. The Clan Association has decided to contribute half of this and various members of the clan have very generously offered donations already. If you feel that you would like to make a contribution towards this stone, then please let us know as soon as possible. However, if for your own reasons you could make a donation in 2008 towards the stone but not now, then still let us know, because the Clan Association may be able to come to some arrangement with you. Even after the stone is in place, donations will be gladly accepted to help replenish the Clan Association funds.

This is an important landmark which we need to secure so please contact us at

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