Hatton Castle

Hatton Castle is located in Newtyle, Angus (on the East of Scotland, East of Perth and South of Kincardine). Hatton was build around 1575 by Laurence, the 4th Lord Oliphant and replaced the previous fortalice of Balcraig Castle sited nearby. The castle is laid out in a 'Z' plan, typical of the period. It was home to at least two Masters of Oliphant, and was built prior to the final phases of construction at Kellie Castle in Fife. Hatton was probably used as a model for the design at Kellie, which has many similarities in the areas of Kellie Castle which were constructed after Hatton was built. Hatton Castle was originally named Newtyle Castle and was on the lands given to Sir William Olifard by Robert the Bruce in 1317 after the Wars of Independance. The Newtyle estates were sold to a neighbouring family, the Haliburtons of Pitcur, in 1617. The Castle was restored by Roderick Oliphant in the 1980's, but was unfortunately lost due to taxes in 1996.

A rough sketch of Hatton as it may have looked in the 16th and 17th centuries by Andrew Spratt

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